🟢 LIVE ✨Official DEMO Release✨ —  Ready to Play 100% FOR FREE!!

🟢 LIVE ✨Official DEMO Release✨ — Ready to Play 100% FOR FREE!!

Prologue and Episode 01 are now FREE to Play!!👋🏻🥰👋🏻

✨If you're checking my dev blog out for the first time, this blog is about my journey while creating the The Girl Who Knew Time, a game I wrote and currently developing! You can check it out here in the Google Play Store.✨

🟢 LIVE — The Girl Who Knew Time ✨Official DEMO Release✨

Ready to Play 100% FOR FREE!!

Let's dive in!

Working on This Project Part-Time

From having a baby to getting married to managing several amazing contractors for the first time in my life to learning Unity + C#, UX/UI design, to writing an entire story, and—oh so much more.

These past two years have been a really important experience for me in every aspect of my life. Through a whirlwind of joy, stress, love, and sheer persistence I was finally able to complete ✨The Girl Who Knew Time - Official Demo✨.

My plan was to continue working on this game non-stop as I did the past two years—literally working 16-20 hours almost every single day(including weekends). But this way of working has really taken a toll on my health and wellbeing. I haven't been able to properly spend enough time with family and really—with myself—for these past two years.

So taking all this into consideration I've decided to work full-time in web development(something I also really love doing) and continue working on this game part-time(starting around October).

👩🏻‍💻🎉This will finally give me that time I need to take care of my health, well being and be there for my loved ones while still working on both web and game development projects that make me happy!

Episode 01 is Now FREE to Play!

You heard right! I am no longer requiring anyone to pay for Episode 01. It's 100% free! I partially did this as a thank you to all the early buyers and supporters!! Since I'll be developing this game only part-time, the next few episodes will not be released so soon.

So I thought why not just make Episode 01 free to play and allow more people to enjoy it! This will give users who have only played the prologue a chance to experience Episode 01!

This Episode is packed with so many new features, dialogue, animations, impactful choices! I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun with Catherine and her friends! There's also a lot of replay value!

If you bought an Episode/Full Game—no worries! I have already sent out your refunds! Instead, I will release another app with the full game as a one-time fixed price some time later this year or early next year. More details below!

Please Note: It might take 7-14 days for your everyone to be fully refunded. Thank you for your patience.

Quick Setup

For the game to work properly please make sure to:

  1. Completely remove the game on your device(if you have a previous version installed).
  2. Install the new version on Google Play.

Please Note: If you don't see any mention of the DEMO at the start of the game then you have an incorrect cached version! Please make sure to clear your Google Play Cache. First uninstall the game. Then go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play -> Storage -> Clear Cache and install the game again. That should fix it!

Current Live App Will Now be the Official Demo

The current live app on Google Play will no longer be the app that gets new episode updates(after Episode 01).

It will now be changed into ✨The Girl Who Knew Time - Official Demo✨ app!

Full Game Release Details

Since the current app on Google Play is the Demo now, I will be releasing another app either some time at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year(depending on how much time I will have while working on this part-time).

This new app will include ALL Episodes in one(Prologue - Episode 05) and it will a one-time-only purchase. There will no longer be any in-app purchases. I'm even including Catherine's three outfit changes within this one-time price!

2GB Phone Memory Limit Has Been Removed

Previously when Episode 01 was released, players with devices with 2GB storage or less were not allowed to play the game since it could cause serious lag.

Since this is the Demo, it will allow players to test and see if the game works well on their device—and if it does, then you'll know you're set for the full game release!


If for some reason you notice lag try these Screen Resolution settings:

  1. Original
  2. Medium
  3. Low

Try playing with each until the lag is less or completely disappears! Unfortunately the lower the setting the lower the graphic quality, so please take this into consideration!

Please Note: the screen popups every time you open the app again, so you're free to change the settings as you'd like each time. Keep in mind it won't save your settings(for now). More details on this here

Next steps


  • Complete Episode 02-05


  • Translate to multiple languages
  • Release to more countries
  • Release on iOS
  • Release on Steam
  • Marketing

👋🏻👩🏻‍💻💖See you in the next update!